• I find Ted Cruz ok, but his extreme views make him sound a little crazy.

    Ted Cruz is way too religious, and I fear that this may cloud his judgement. For instance, he disproved the bill that attempted to remove the line, "Under God." He believes that we are one country under God, which shows his closed mindedness about other religions, which proves that he isn't open minded at all, making him a bad president, if he can beat Trump and the Democratic nominee.

  • Ted Cruz holds extreme religious view

    Ted Cruz is a religious extremist. Although he is entitled to his religious view, he constantly puts pressure on others who disagree. He allows his views to shape his judgement and policy decisions, despite the separation of church and state. Cruz holds extreme views based on his Christian beliefs, such as abolishing abortion.

  • Cruz is so extreme, he has difficulty getting along in his own party

    Ted Cruz is an extremist in every sense of the word. If he doesn't get his way on anything, he will obstruct and get in the way. He may not stop every bill from being passed that he doesn't like, but it's not for lack of effort. Cruz does not seem to have any respect for the fact that there are differing views and opinions that his own that are valid.

  • You people don't understand what extremist means.

    Look up the definition of "Religious Extremist". Ted Cruz may hold religious values, but so does 65% of America. Because he goes to church on Sunday, you are literally calling him Isis. Think groups like Al-Queda or Aum Shinrikyo. Learn the definition of the term before you accuse Ted Cruz of MASS GENOCIDE

  • I Don't Think So

    I think he plays towards that side of things to win over the evangelical vote, but ultimately I do not think that he is a religious extremist. His policies are just not as religiously motivated as he would have everyone believe. No one who hurts the American people as much as he does can even call themselves Christian.

  • No, Ted Cruz is not a religious extremist.

    No, Ted Cruz is not a religious extremist because he doesn't plan on resorting to extreme action such as assaulting the religious freedoms of other non-Christian Americans if he becomes president. Cruz always mentions his faith in his political speeches but most Republicans also do the same thing because religious fervor is very prominent in the Republican party.

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