GOP Rep Richard Hanna has pleged to vote for Clinton. Should he be allowed to cross party lines?

  • Votes are a right.

    Sure, I think that GOP rep Richard Hanna should be allowed to vote for whoever he chooses. Your vote belongs to you--not to a political party. However, Rep. Hanna needs to be prepared to deal with the consequences of his decision. Perhaps he needs to switch political parties, too, since he is not showing loyalty to the Republicans.

  • Yes, he should.

    Richard Hanna is allowed to vote for whomever he chooses. This is part of what makes the American Democratic system so great. He does not have to vote for someone just because that is the person who his political party endorses. He is allowed to vote according to his conscience.

  • Yes, he should be allowed to cross party lines.

    Republican Representative Richard Hana should be allowed cross party lines and vote for Hillary Clinton. Rep Hanna is allowed to make his own decisions when it comes to supporting candidates. Just because he belongs to the Republican Party, it does not mean that he must always vote straight-ticket. Likewise, there may be some Democrats that decide to vote for Donald Trump.

  • Every citizen has a right to cross party lines in a general election

    Yes, GOP Rep Richard Hanna should be allowed to cross party lines during a Presidential election. One of the cornerstones of our democracy is that our elected officials are also private citizens. All citizens are allowed to vote any way they choose during a general election. It seems ludicrous to even question that right.

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