GOP sues Obama over healthcare: Is Boehner justified in suing Obama for pushing healthcare reform?

  • Unconstitutional executive orders.

    Obama should receive penalty for various reasons. The biggest being releasing 5 war criminals without consulting Congress. That was not only unconstitutional, but really stupid. Obama also made a number of unconstitutional extensions towards his health care plan. I, however, don't condone suing him at this time due to many issues needing to be resolved.

  • No, Boehner is not justified in suing Obama.

    What Obama did was what he thought to be right. It is his duty as the president of the United States to push reforms for the betterment of the country and to do what he assumes is right. What Boehner did is sue him for what he should be doing thus, he is not justified in his actions.

  • Absolutely tyranny. I hope the leeches are happy.

    Obama is a dictator that has made no efforts to compromise with his opponents, He constantly sidesteps our representatives, and the congress will approve anything his majesty obama suggests. Universal health care is the exact opposite of equality to the nth degree. The idea behind this is we the people will be equal forever, there can be no greater myth. We are born equal, not made equal, and definitely equality cannot be dictated.

  • Going too far

    President Obama has never made any secret of his plans for reform - they formed a major part of his election manifesto. To disagree with what he's doing is one thing, but to actually try to sue him for doing what he's always said he would do is going too far.

  • Democracy should always prevail.

    In my opinion the GOP should not take legal action against President Barack Obama. The hard fought democracy that America is rightly proud should not be undermined by those using the legal system to fight causes they have already lost at election time. The will of the people should come first and remain unhindered by partisan legal action.

  • No, he is not.

    This is just another way for the Rebuplicans to grand stand and waste more taxpayer money. They should know that they are alienating even more moderate voters by their stunt of shutting down the government and now this lawsuit. i understand they are very upset with what the president did, but this isn't helping anyone.

  • He's not suing him for implementing the reforms.

    He's trying to sue the administration for not doing it fast enough!

    The idiot thinks this is a viable plan. His GOP has been resisting every implementation effort, they have tried to repeal the law over 60 times. They still want to repeal it, but he's suing because it hasn't been implemented quickly enough.

    Whoever told him this was a good course of action was a fool.

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