• GoPro gaining ground in digital media.

    GoPro has been an innovation in the digital video camera market since it's first appearance. Never before had a camera been so portable, durable, and usable. No other digital video camera in the market can claim the same popularity and usability that GoPro has. These cameras have been strapped to various animals, people, and items to capture some of the most amazing footage that would be impossible for the average consumer to capture before the GoPro's release.

  • GoPro Hero4 Outplays The Competition

    The usually highly competitive and innovative market of digital cameras is overtaken by the newest GoPro Hero4 camera. The device features professional video quality - 30k frames per second, built-in WiFi, touch screen and targets the top segments of the cameras market. All these combined with the super water proof capability make it the greatest camera on the market.

  • GoPro could be classified as king of the video camera market.

    GoPro Hero4 could be classified as king of the video camera market because it is a top quality video camera with many capabilities that other cameras do not provide. I do not personally own a GoPro Hero4 but I have seen a lot of the moments that it has captured, and it is amazing.

  • Canon Is Best

    GoPro is a special product for moving cameras in situations that were difficult to film with traditional equipment. It doesn't mean it is better on every front. It has a place for special situations and that is it. The cameras generally are wide angle which is not suitable for most situations.

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