GOP's illegal power grab in North Carolina: Was this a dirty move made by Republicans?

  • Yes, the GOP power grab in North Carolina is a dirty move.

    Politics is dirty. This is reflected by both parties. Most recently, the GOP is demonstrating its willingness to play dirty by circumventing the will of the people. Using their tenuous hold on the State House to diminish the powers of the Democratic Governor-elect before he takes office is a dirty power play that has far reaching ramifications.

  • Yes, it was wrong of Republicans to work in a somewhat secretive manner to overturn the will of the voters.

    Because this power grab began with a quickly called legislative session that appeared initially to be about hurricane relief, nothing that occurred there should be official. There should always be adequate time for the entire legislature to come together before policy is made. Also this is only one occurrence in a long string of power grabs and work to remove black politicians from office or reduce their power in North Carolina.

  • Should have given more notice.

    The caucus in North Carolina came together in a matter of hours. There were a lot of people that either didn't know that there was a vote, or they didn't know enough about the issues in order to thoughtfully think through it. Republicans manipulated the process for their own benefit, and it was not done honorably.

  • Yes, the North Carolina GOP power grab was a dirty move made by Republicans

    Yes, the North Carolina GOP power grab was a dirty move made by Republicans. While they had the right to pass laws diminishing the power of the incoming governor, it was uncalled for. Traditionally, our country (and the states within it) have always worked for a smooth transition. While incoming and outgoing politicians may not agree with each other, they respect the process and help make it work for all of America.

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