Gordie Howe dead at age of 88: Was Howe the best hockey player of all time?

  • Yes, Gordie Howe was truly the best hockey player of all time

    Yes, when considering whether or not Gordie Howe was the best player of all time, one simply needs to look at his career stats to see that he indeed was. Ranking second all time in goals, 9th all time in assists, and 1st ever in number of games played, Gordie Howe's spot is secured as the best hockey player of all time.

  • Yes, he was one of the strongest and most fearless players.

    He played on as many as five teams at one time, developing a left-handed shot to go with his natural right-handed shot. He’d often switch hands on his stick while skating to the net, further confusing opposing goalies. One of the strongest and most fearless players who ever laced up a pair of hockey skates, Howe played right wing with a blend of talent and toughness that made his name a part of the sport’s jargon. Although he retired for the last time in 1980, before many of today’s players were born, a player who gets a goal, an assist and a fighting penalty in a game is still said to have earned “a Gordie Howe hat trick,” a tribute to Howe’s ability to beat opponents at every facet of the game.

  • Yes he was the greatest

    Although Wayne Gretzky has more all time points that Geordie Howe, I do believe he as the greatest of all time to play the game of hockey. He was given the nickname of Mr. Hockey because he is the one who made the game more famous than anyone else in all of sports.

  • Howe changed the game of hockey, but not best all-time

    Gordie Howe forever changed the game of hockey. There are so many ways he advanced the game, both in the play and by helping people become more interested in following the game. However, Wayne Gretzky is still the best hockey player of all-time, as evidenced by all the records and Stanley cups. This should not take away from the fact that many would consider Howe the most influential player on the game of hockey ever.

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