Gotthard tunnel opened in Switzerland. Will it deliver the promised economic benefits?

  • The Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland will deliver the promised economic benefits

    Only time will tell whether or not Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland will deliver the promised economic benefits. The reality is that these kinds of projects are extremely expensive, and the timeframe for the return on investment is very long. Many unforeseen events can cause costs to run higher than expected. But, Switzerland is smarter than most and will likely recover the benefits.

  • Yes, it's just getting more and more (busy) every year and it was estimated that by 2020, the roads will be so blocked that something had to be done.

    Europe's goods, whether Italian wine for the Netherlands or German cars for Greece, have to cross the Alps. Now they will able to do so more quickly, more safely, and more cheaply. Swiss bank Credit Suisse has said its economic benefits will include the easier movement of goods and increased tourism.

  • Only time will tell.

    Just like anything in this world it takes time to see if it is going to work. Sure a lot of people get paid to speculate shit but that does not necessarily make them right. Nobody can predict if something is going to be beneficial all we can do is hope.

  • The Gotthard Tunnel will be underwhelming.

    It's great that the Gotthard Tunnel has finally been completed, but I do not think it will deliver the promised economic benefits. This has been a HUGE project that spanned over two decades, so an incredible amount of time and money has already been spent. I don't think it's worth it.

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