Governments Shut Down the Internet: Is limiting access to the Internet a human rights violation?

  • It is not only a human rights violation, but in the 21st century perhaps the most important human rights violation.

    We are more than ever living in a information society. This info society revolves around the internet. If the information from the internet is blocked or tainted in any fashion it can lead to direct consequences in peoples material lives and perhaps more importantly how they see the world. The internet works as a sort of gatekeeper to information. If I tell someone about the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act and they look it up on google and it doesn't pop up they would think it doesn't exist.

  • Governments that limit Internet access commit a human rights violation

    Governments that limit Internet access are committing a human rights violation. Doing so is limiting free speech. People communicate freely over the Internet through a variety of sites. Limiting this flow of information is a way for governments to control their population. It would be equivalent to disseminating favorable information and restricting access to publications such as newspapers.

  • Government isn't in charge of the internet

    Just because government has the force to cut off our internet doesn't mean they have the right to do so. Nobody wants the government in charge of the internet in the first place, but like anything, they have to get their hands into the pie and get as much control as they can. And there's no more control than a kill switch.

  • Limiting access to the internet is a human rights violation.

    Limiting access to the internet is a human rights violation because it impedes access to communication and information. Humans should have free access to information and when a government prevents that it is infringing on the rights of its citizens. The internet is also a tool to communicate which connects our world and blocking access to that is unjustified.

  • It is not a right.

    A person does not have a right to have someone else provide something to them for free. A person needs air, water, shelter and basic medical care. They do not need the Internet any more than they needed telephones when telephones were first invented. People shouldn't complain about Internet when some people don't have water.

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