• Here comes a rant...

    Myself as a past student know how much pressure it is to get good grades. It put me under a lot of stress and pressure, which isn't health for anyone. I personally think it should be down to how you act in class and how committed you are, after all you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Putting to much pressure on someone especially at such a young impressionable age is horrible and I think that could be stopped with simply being judge on your commitment, not your knowledge. What if you mess up an exam, that is your chance over and it will be much harder to successful

  • It gets in the way of the learning experience of a student.

    Students might spend too much time thinking about their grades rather than thinking about the work being handed to them. Grades should not determine how smart a student is. Grades should not determine where a student stands in a school. It may also lower the self esteem of a student because what if that student gets an F?. That student might feel bad and just quit on learning about that subject. The students should just have the freedom to study on their own time. The work should be split evenly and distributed in a way that fits the needs of all students within the class.

  • People are Cheating

    Because the parents expect a high grade the students cheat because to much work is being handed out that they don't have time to study for tests. The students also feel really bad when they get an F on a Test or Quiz. The students would have more time if there wasn't that much homework.

  • I'm so done!!!!!

    Grades are supposed to help students, but all they do is make their lives torture. We expect people to get the highest of grades, when in reality, they are very hard to obtain. I am of one of the A students, but I don't feel that we should have them in the first place. They cause cheating, stress, and just ruin peoples lives! The end.

  • More of the middle ground, but leaning more towards NO

    First things first, grades should not be a measure of one's intelligence. Grades should simply be used as a means for colleges and employers to be able to see who will be there to work, and see who will be there just to get a free check(slackers). Some subjects may seem useless more most, but overall, the experiences you go through in school prepare you for only about 1/4 of what the real world is like. Also, the subjects you learn(if you choose to actually pay attention) will help you gain knowledge and will help you be able to pursue the career of your choosing..

  • Grades are important.

    What's the point of doing something if there's no challenge? What's the point of doing something if there is no end goal? Grades put stress on students to do well. If there were no grades students would just coast along in school without doing any work. Those who are lazy a don't work would be seen as equal to those who work their butts off to be at the top of their class. Do you really want that?
    And how would you apply for university or college? What would you put on your resume? That you participated in class or that you 'put your best effort into it'? I don't know about you but I'd much rather have a doctor who actually knows what their doing and that have the qualifications rather than having a person who 'try's hard'. Unless you want a world full of lazy people who coast through life then having grades in school is kind of necessary.

  • Grades should not be abolished because of the valuable lessons that come with them

    1)Grades train students to answer succinctly to the given questions instead of being lengthy or going out of point. They will start to memorise the key points instead of the whole textbook as they get accustomed to viewing the straightforward answers. This is crucial in creating a society that is able to meet demands, tasks and expectations directly and accurately, saving time spent in total.
    2)Without grades, students may not be motivated enough to stay in track in school since it does not matter whether they have failed, passed or excelled in a test or examination if grades were abolished. As much as grades do not truly define our overall self worth, they still act as motivating factors for students to push themselves if they have not reached their expectations, and learn from mistakes made to expand their horizons continuously. If the students do ace in a particular subject, the high grades will also spur them on to greater heights of success once they realise their sheer potential.
    Education is a lifelong process and grades are a prerequisite to measure our competency in a field that we are interested in so that we will make much fewer errors once we decide to pursue that field in the working world. As long as students view the grading system in a positive light instead of being pressurised to achieve stellar grades as quickly as possible, they will find education more engaging and memorable.

  • If there are no grades then what is the purpose of school

    Even if some people that grades are pressuring them but if there are no grades than how can we knows our value in learning materials at school. Imagine if we come back from school and there are nothing to tell to our parents about our learning in school, we could easily lie about understanding everything but in reality we don't listen to the teacher. There's where grade comes

  • How Stupid Are You?

    Grades give students something to thrive for. It gives an estimated level of understanding in a field of study. This is like saying we should get rid of paychecks. You work hard, then you get better grades. And how are colleges supposed to pick the best students. If your grades lower your self esteem then you are an idiot.

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