Graduate tax: Should Higher Education be funded by a tax on graduates?

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  • No, not as it stands now.

    If higher education is made free or very low cost then of course a tax on what is earned by those who graduate from the system would be a reasonable idea. With how it stands now ,though, graduates come out with huge student loan debt and often make no money.

  • No it shouldn't

    I do not think that there should be a graduate tax. I do not think that higher education should be funded by a tax on graduates. I don't think there should be a tax or a punishment for people who succeed in life. I think that education should be free to those who wish to learn.

  • Sounds Like A Punishment

    I do not believe a higher education should be funded by a tax on graduates. Graduates, at least in the beginning, are more than likely burdened with school debt, it seems unfair to punish them by not only paying for the predecessors educations, but also pay for their own. If anything real estate tax hikes would probably be a better way to fund higher education.

  • Higher education should not be funded by a tax on graduates.

    Higher education should not be funded by a tax on graduates. Graduates already have a tough time paying for their education and the last thing that we should do is make it tougher on them to get the education. I think that students should be allowed to attend colleges and not be faced with the burden of being able to pay for it.

  • College is enough of a financial burden already.

    Attending college today is extremely expensive. Even with scholarships and grants it can be very expensive and most students are forced to take out loans. Many graduates have difficulties keeping up with these loans for years after their graduation and it may be decades before they are paid off. Adding a 'graduate tax' on top of this would be an unfair burden, especially for those who never become successful.

  • They should not.

    There should be no taxes on graduates to help higher education being funded. Graduates from higher education already have a mountain of debt and loans they need to pay back. Adding a tax on graduates will only hurt the economy and serve as a punishment to graduates who have it hard already.

  • Education should be free.

    Education is not a negotiable object and taxing people who have gone through the education system seems counter intuitive. Revenue to put people through college should come from things that might otherwise be preventing kids from going to college. For instance, let's say guns were taxed and with those taxes, we paid for free college educations. Guns don't provide any sort of intellectual betterment and are used for violence, or at least to burn ammo pointlessly on targets. Taxing that to fund our future would be a fantastic swap.

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