Graduated from the top university means you are success

  • I think yes, Graduated from the top university means you are success

    It matter a lot because you will know more information from your teacher also if you forget something you can ask your children, If you don’t have friend you will be boring and no one can help you when you was alone

    When you are facing a job the person who ask you questions will ask you which university you are in if the university you are in is very popular you are more likely to get the job because that means you have a lot of knowledge and ability to do this job.

    If you are in a good university that also means that you have more chance and you will have a good salary job.

    When you are working and you have a good understanding of the whole thing you can get it done quickly and efficiently so your boss will believe that you can be trusted in the working part so you could get more money for it. That is because you have learn the things in the university.

  • Of course not

    It means that you have been gifted or you have done somethings right. However the title of "successful" requires some sort of contribution or achievement in the workplace. On the other hand, Someone can achieve things, But later in life screw up, And not be considered successful. Graduating from a good university can help you be successful but by no means is the only thing needed to accomplish to be successful. No Harvard or Stanford grad just stops and calls it a good life.

  • Not automatically. . .

    While graduating from a top university may mean that you are very intelligent, It does not guarantee your success elsewhere in life. It is ultimately up to your ability to adjust from your studies into being a part of the workforce to determine how successful you are able to become.

  • Egg heads often fail in the real world

    A lot of people who do well in academic settings fail in the real world, Look at ted kazinski he was an egg head he failed in life and love and lived in the woods and built bombs successfully and went uncaught for decades eventually they got him, And they should have executed that monster, He failed

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