Graduated response antipiracy laws: Is copyright law worthy of this kind of protection?

  • Yes, graduated responses are fair to everyone and offer a good compromise.

    Putting someone in jail for violating copyright law seems extreme, but a graduated response to antipiracy laws seems to be a worthy compromise. This ensures that people receive fair warning that they are in violation of these laws so they understand what further consequences could entail. This is especially important for people who do not understand the laws.

  • Copyright law is unique and should have a more flexible legal framework

    Copyright law is unique from other segments of the law. Due to its nature, combined with the ever evolving and more complicated technological and global landscape, it makes sense to implement a graduated response system for dealing with issues related to copyright law. Implementing such a system allows for a quicker, more nimble response and results for holders of copyrights seeking protection under the law, and it can also help to reduce the number of wrongly prosecuted infractions.

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