Graduated response antipiracy laws: Is graduated response respectful to users?

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  • Graduated response is insufficent

    Graduated responses are not effective in combating piracy, and most likely nothing can ever truly combat it. It is simply a half hearted and desperate attempt on the part of corporations to scare people away from pirating or sharing their material. All evidence shows it will simply not work, or be respectful to users, as it implies they are being watched and monitored to begin with.

  • A New System, by 2015

    Graduated response does not do an adequate job of dealing with piracy. Neither is harsh discipline and Draconian ideals the answer, but I do have an answer. Use the previous Anti piracy budget and actions to work with Media corporations to provide user-based software, like Spotify, Pandora, and other devices that stop piracy by providing content knowledgeably.

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