Graduates of a Plano, Texas High School will not be allowed to wear National Honor Society regalia. Has political correctness gone too far?

  • Where do we draw the line?

    I hope and pray that the school abolished the harmful process of naming a valedictorian. And any and all awards for scholarship, citizenship or other discriminatory practices. And I presume they purified all entries in the yearbook (including photos!) that might make others feel bad about their experiences there.
    Really - stop coddling our young adults and help them learn about life?

  • Students accomplishments should be rewarded.

    The school in Plano, TX, is doing all of their students a great disservice. First, the students who worked hard to earn honors should see the rewards of those efforts. However, even the other students are being hurt by this decision. The real world does not work like this, and making students all seem equal is not doing them a favor.

  • Yes, how is this even politically correct?

    I would be outraged if I were a parent and my child could not display what they worked so hard to achieve. Perhaps the honor students should remove themselves from the ceremony and make it know just exactly why they will not be attending. After all, schools hate negative publicity.

  • Yes, political correctness has gone too far,

    Political Correctness, in just about every aspect of our society, has gone too far. Comedians won't perform at colleges anymore because the millennial generation has become so sensitive with "trigger warnings" and potentially offensive language or ideas that all the humor and joy seems to be getting sucked out of their lives. It affects everything from free speech to basic individualism.

  • Yes, political correctness interferes with self expression

    The high school graduates of a Plano school are not allowed to wear the National Honor Society regalia in the interest of political correctness but this takes away the special achievement and recognition that they have earned over their school years. It shows that our society is so fearful of hurting others feelings or not being inclusive that we take away the distinctions that some deserve for their hard work.

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