• Yes, Justin Bieber will win a Grammy.

    Yes, Justin Bieber will win a Grammy for the incredible contributions that he has made to the world of music. Mr. Bieber is a Canadian treasure that deserves to be recognized for his lifetime of accomplishments. His inspiring transformation from tween sensation to legitimate heartthrob should seal his fate as one of history's greatest musicians.

  • No, Justin Bieber will not win not a Grammy from his nomination this year.

    Justin Bieber will not win a Grammy this year. Not because of his singing abilities, but because he is unpopular in the mainstream popularity of his category. His time has come and gone. His fan base has lessened over the years, and his music talent has not risen beyond what it was when he first started. Grammy's are given to artists who redefine themselves in the industry, not those who ride the wave of being a one decade wonder sensation.

  • Yes, Bieber will win

    The Grammy awards recognize the musical influences of a generation. Say what you will about Justin Bieber's personal life and un-role-model like behavior, he does write and perform music of his generation. Bieber can win a Grammy because he does have musical talent, is popular with his fans and makes a lot of money in the music industry.

  • His time is passed.

    Justin Bieber was the most popular when he was a teenager. That was the allure of Justin Bieber. People liked him because he was a cute young kid that was a good singer for his age. Now, he is just the same as any artist in their 20s. His music isn't anything special.

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