Gravity Payments raises minimum annual salary to $70,000: Should CEO wages be reduced to allow for higher employee wages?

  • Yes, everyone agrees that CEO salaries should be reduced except CEOs

    Perhaps there are rare exception, but from a perspective of pure logic, it simply isn't possible that most CEOs create enough additional value in their companies to justify their disproportionately huge wages. Most corporations have enough moving parts that the day-to-day operations would probably be unaffected for a very long time if the CEO didn't even show up for work. However, there is one group that vehemently disagrees with me: CEOs.

  • Yes, CEO wages should be reduced to allow for higher employee wages.

    Disparity between top management and lower level employees' salaries creates animosity in the workplace no matter where it is. Top management, like CEOs, should obviously be paid more than lower level employees but when the disparity gets too great, the lower level employees become disgruntled and their work will reflect this, bringing the entire company down.

  • CEOs have earned their place

    Although many people find it unfair that why the CEO is getting higher pay and the employee wages are not that high. Well, to be honest CEOs have earned their places, most of them work hard to reach at the top of the company and they deserve to be paid high. As far as higher employee wages are concerned, then there are other ways that could be incorporated to increase their salaries.

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