Great Society: In the United States, were the Great Society social programs of the 1960s a good idea?

  • Great Society helped society a great deal

    The policies of the 'Great Society' promoted by LBJ had a positive effect on the American society in the 1960s. Their focus on education and job corps helped to educate and get people to work. The advanced civil rights policies helped to advance fair treatment for all. The economic opportunity act was also beneficial for the country as well.

  • I agree that they were a good idea.

    Not only did the poverty line dropped from nearly 22% to 12%, but the government took an interest in bettering the American people. It helped students get loans for college, which secured a stream of educated people who would later become the human resource that would feed American prosperity and continuous success.The Great Society social programs also introduced health programs like Medicaid that would serve the American people based upon need and not status or wealth. The programs certainly improved the quality of life and ensured the quality of life, and overall success of the American people.

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