Greece bailout: Does public opinion support Greek bailout?

  • After Greek Austerity Measures

    Public opinion regarding the Greek bailout shifted from hesitation to acceptance once the Greek government determined it would follow through on its promise to create austerity measures in order to receive bailout funding from the rest of Europe. Had Greece not gotten bailout money, its austerity measures would have been even more extreme, possibly leading to even worse riots than before.

  • Public opinion does not support Greek bailout

    Public opinion does not support Greek bailout because it views the bailout as wasteful spending. The bailout would not resolve the underlying problem of Greek governments inability to manage money, and it is only a matter of time before the new funds run out and a new bailout is needed.

  • It's time that Greece starts to be responsible for its own actions.

    There is a heavy moral hazard here and Greece is eagerly exploiting this. It can just spend, spend, and spend, and if they get into trouble, the EU will bail them out anyway, right? A few 100 billions of more euros easily flow into the endless pit, great! Time to increase the pensions, buy new weapons from Russia, and definitely NOT hold back on the spending! Why would they?! With such a generous sponsor as the EU, I give them quite right. If the money runs out, just submit some vague ideas for economic reform, and look! Another 100 billion euros flows in! Its almost like a money machine, just press the button. I honestly can't blame Greece. If you would have a money machine in your garden, would you not use it extensively also?

    Therefore, it is time again to let them bear the consequences of their own actions! No support anymore, out of the euro they go, stop the money machine. Lets see if they still keep spending so eagerly... , or finally start down the road of a decent economic reform and a healthy economy, which they need. The only way to reach this is to take away the oh so tempting money machine from their back garden. Then, in no time their economy will be forced to normal.

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