Greece bailout: Have large-scale bailouts worked in the past?

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  • No, it is a never-ending cycle.

    No, large-scale bailouts have not worked in the past, because Greece is in the same situation they were in before. A bailout is giving a man a fish. The country will not change the problems that put them in that situation in the first place. Austerity measures are extremely important, because without them, the country is in the same situation they were before.

  • Bailouts don't have a good track record

    We have seen the success of some bailout programs, mainly of the car industry in the United States. However, country wide bailouts have not had success. If an entire country's economic system is collapsing, it is unlikely that a new influx of funds will help solve the problem. The fact that the country is collapsing is indicative of large scale inefficient programs that need to be reformed. A bailout alone will not be helpful.

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