Greece bailout: Is the bail out of Greece morally permissible?

  • Yes,the bail out of Greece morally permissible

    I do believe that the bail out of Greece is morally permissible because letting a whole country default could have a massive impact on communities, schools, business and other societies as a whole. This could go on to start civil wars and riots and outrage in the country. If in America we allow for huge banks and car producers to get bailed out without consequences, why shouldn't a country.

  • Without the bailout Greece will completely collapse

    Greece needs a bailout, just like we did here in the United States of America. A way to keep the ceilings from crashing through the floors. Without a bailout, the situation in Greece will only degenerate further. A bailout is the quickest and most secure way to ensure that Greece will be able to stand on her own again in the future.

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