Greece bailout: Will a bailout help solve the problem?

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  • To Bailout Greece Would Not Correct the Underlying Problem

    If Greece was bailed out, it would not correct the underlying problem that got them into trouble in the first place. Financial Aid is, at the best, a band aid measure that prolongs the natural consequences to foundational problems. Without correcting the underlying problems, in a very short time, Greece would be back in the same position in a few years.

  • No, bailing out Greece will not help solve its problems.

    No, a bailout will not help Greece solve its economic problems. A bailout may provide a sort of temporary fix but will not provide the country with any sort of meaningful solutions. Much like the relationship between parents and children, a parent who bails a child out of a problem doesn't allow that child to learn to stand on his own two feet. We learn from our mistakes, and governments are no different. The people of Greece need to come up with their own solutions to their economic situation. It will not be easily done but will allow them to become a stronger country by working through the hard times together.

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