Greece elects anti-austerity leaders: Were Greek voters irresponsible in the way they voted?

  • Yes, Greek voters made an irresponsible decision.

    On one hand, it's easy to understand where Greek voters are coming from with this vote. Who wouldn't very quickly grow weary of the austerity measures that have required everyone to tighten their budgets very severely? But on the other hand, that Greece got in this mess to start with is a result of years of perhaps too loose government spending. If the nation hopes to recover economically, they may have to face up to some harsh material realities.

  • Their fair share.

    Greece votes for anti-austerity leaders and then they leave it to Germany and the rest of Europe to bail them out. Greek voters need to take responsibility for their own actions, and make their fair share of sacrifices in order to improve their economy. It isn't fair that they're leaving Germany to hold the bag.

  • Greek word for democracy is democracy

    How can people argue that the people who voted against austerity were foolish are against the democratic premise of voting with your conscious. Moreover, the elections showed Europe that there and needs to be a real choice in elections.

    The Greeks made a choice, even if you agree with it or not, which is democracy. Do we forget that West Germany had all their debt cancelled in 1948 which lead to the 1950s miracle. Do we forget that the Americans pumped billions of dollars into Luxembourg, Netherlands and etc, kept the economy from collapsing and helped form the EU economic community. The Germans wanted the Greeks to union the currency zone regardless of the fact that their economy and structure was not at the same developmental level as theirs. There were alternatives to massive debt in 2010, such as total collapse of the Greek economy, re-structuring etc. The Greeks were pushed into debt because it protected German, French and Dutch banks to the Greek problem.

    Greeks have shown us democracy, true democratic discourse.

  • Greek voters finally vote for their country and needs.

    The recent Greek election was groundbreaking not just for Greece but for the European Union. Greek voters democratically voted out the leader that had been leading the country into economic ruin. With this latest vote, Greek voters have placed a new leader who is set to work with the European Union to help get Greece back on track and the European economy on the rebound.

  • The Greek voters were absolutely justified in electing a far-left party to power

    Greek voters were absolutely not irresponsible in voting in a far-left party on 25th January, 2015. Greece has been the poor man of Europe since the 2008 financial crisis, a condition brought on by the bankers, hitting bailout after near-bankcruptcy since then on a seemingly annual basis. To reject the accompanying austerity measures because of the mistakes of harsh capitalism that they had done nothing to invite is not only highly responsible, it's massively laudable.

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