Greece recognizes Palestine as state: Should Palestine be recognized as a state?

  • Yes, Palestine should be recognozed as a state.

    Yes, Palestine should be recognized as a state. Palestine and Israel have been at war for as long as there have been people in that region. There have been multiple political treaties throughout the decades declaring peace and statehood for Palestine. It is my opinion that Israel and Palestine should be able to make an agreement and stick to it for the sake of peace and preservation of human lives.

  • Everyone should have a homeland

    Palestine should be recognized as a state. It is home to millions of people, and the politics of the area shape much of what is going on in the world. Being recognized would give the leaders of the Palestine people some status when negotiating with other countries. I could even lead to more stability in the middle east.

  • Yes, palestine should be recognized as a state

    Yes, Palestine should be recognized as a state because the beliefs, ethnicity and desires of the people in this region are different from that of Israel. The Palestinian state has been shrinking throughout history. This has led to conflict in the region. Recognize Palestine as a state would help to contribute to peace in the region.

  • A Palestine for People Living There

    Palestine should be allowed to exist as a state because the people have been living in this area of the middle east on and off throughout history. It is not like they are trying to be refugees fleeing to Europe -- people from the outside. In the middle east the Palestinians have a place of native belonging.

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