Greece Vs Côte D'ivoire: Can Georgios Samaras help lead Greece to victory for the first time?

  • Yes. The skills of Georgios can bring victory to Greece.

    Yes, Georgios Samaras can indeed bring victory to Greece for the first time in this World Cup. The skilled winger and striker is a great asset to the team and there's no reason why he can't lead them onto a pathway that brings success to them. He has been a celebrated player since 2002 and this year can be his time to shine.

  • Yes he can help them win

    I think that Georgios Samaras is a great player and is a leader and can definitely help Greece win for the first time. I think he is a spark for the team and is able to get them excited and lead them to a victory. I think he is the backbone to the team and as long as he continues to play well can really help them.

  • It has happened

    Greece has already won over Cote D'ivoire 2-1. Samaras has been a leader for the Greek side, and they have managed to stay in the Cup. Samaras converted and scored on a penalty to win the game for his team. I don't think Greece will win it all, but they have had a decent run.

  • Too small of a team.

    No, I do not believe that Georgios Samarios can help lead Greece to victory for the first time, because while Greece is better than they have ever been before, there are too many power house teams. A country as small as Greece cannot compete with the likes of France or Argentina.

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