Greece vs Cote d'Ivoire Google Doodle: Was the recent google doodle relevant to today's World Cup?

  • Google celebrates current events.

    Yes, the recent google doodle of the Greece v Ivory Coast match was relevant to today's World Cup, because it celebrated current events. Google does a good job of keeping their website current, because they have a lot of fun things that keeps their website interesting. They maintain a positive outlook towards current events and draw attention to important issues.

  • Yes I think it was relevant

    I think that it helped spread interest of the World Cup. It brought your attention to it and probably made people want to find out more information about it. It helped spark curiosity and bring excitement to the World Cup. I don't see any harm in it and it is a big event going on right now.

  • Yes. The Google doodle supports both sides.

    Yes, the recent Google doodle is relevant to today's World Cup because it shows the flags of both Group F matches being played today. The Google doodle is fun, visually appealing and represents the lighter side of the competition which will be appreciated by hardcore fans and non fans alike.

  • Yes I beleive it was.

    I think it was a very cute doodle and a great way to remind Google users about the match that was going on and the World Cup in general. I really like how Google incorporates holidays and history lessons into their doodles. Because they have so many users I think it reaches a large audience.

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