Green Bay Packers' TE Jared Cook injures his ankle against the Detroit Lions. Will this hurt the team going forward?

  • He was a solid player.

    Jared Cook filled an important role for the Green Bay Packers. They depend on their tight ends to perform well in a number of key plays. This will hurt Green Bay going forward, because he is a strong player and a solid competitor. They did not need the win against the Lions so it is a shame that he hurt his ankle at that game.

  • Yes it will hurt the team going forward

    Yes definitely it going to affect the team performance, because being the central player in the center back mean a lot for the team effectiveness. So Cook missing out for such period of time could cause the team a setback, of which it may be difficult for them to close such gap. Cook missed most of the Packers' offseason program and the start of training camp after minor foot surgery. Neither Cook nor the team said which foot was injured.

    Tight ends Richard Rodgers and Justin Perillo were used on Green Bay's opening drive of the third quarter, with the latter reeling in a 15-yard reception to set up a field goal.

  • Agree due to of lack of production

    The fact that any team loses a key player will affect them moving forward, but the extent of that affect depends on that player's contribution and the team's depth at that position. Looking at the Packer's depth chart at TE, they have 2 more on the roster, so they are not left completely depleted. The packers have a talented offense lead of course by Aaron Rodgers, who utilizes his receivers very well. Cook only had 6 receptions through 2+ games with 0 touchdowns, so I think the Packers can move forward well without him while he is injured.

  • Green Bay Packers have no hope following this major injury

    The important football player Jared Cook proved indispensable for the Green Bay Packers in their recent season. Unfortunately, he injured his ankle after a game with the Detroit Lions. This came at a bad time for the Packers, who were doing relatively well. Now, however, their outlook seems grim if one of their most critical players is out of the running.

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