Greenpeace protesters hang ‘resist’ banner near White House. Are protesters going too far and encouraging reckless behaviors?

  • Yes, there is nothing grean or peaceful about their protest.

    All these protests by Greenpeace are just a waste of time, they have behaves recklessly and have proved they have no genuine course. They protest lack objectivity and are their opinion on Donald Trump are conjectured. It is not racism they are afraid of, they know Trump will deal with moral decay in the society that has encouraged abortion, homosexuality and legalizing drugs.

  • They are hurting other people.

    There is a difference between destroying property and protesting. A person who wants to make their voice heard needs to find a legal way to do that. Smashing the window of a Starbucks during Trump's inauguration isn't protesting. Instead, it's destroying property in a criminal way. They shouldn't encourage others to destroy property.

  • Protestors are not going too far

    Protestors are not going too far but there are some individuals who have taken the protests too far when they destroy property and create chaos. Peaceful demonstrations should continue but in no way should they resort to violence or destruction. The protests must be consistent and persistent without illegal actions.

  • No, Greenpeace protesters have a right to free speech.

    No, Greenpeace protesters have the right to hang their banner near the White House. Preventing Greenpeace protesters from protesting in the way that they choose is a violation against the First Amendment rights the United States was founded upon. Infringing upon Greenpeace's right to a peaceful protest is unconstitutional and unfair.

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