Greta Thunberg is mostly wrong about Climate Change.

  • The issue is way too exaggerated

    We’re currently doing more than any other country to clean our oceans while China and India keep polluting the oceans. France is always pissed off about climate change but do they do anything about it? No. Also scientists have been predicting the end of the world due to climate change for the past 50 years and what AOC is saying “earth will end in 12 years” is just one of the many failed predictions since the 1960’s. Now sure we can clean our oceans, We can recycle and pick up after ourselves. But we can’t spend trillions of dollars and tank the entire economy over it because 1 what they propose is not a solution and 2 it’s gonna fully reverse the effects of climate change unless we get every country in the world to do their part and even then idk if THATS going to stop it.

  • I disagree fully.

    That climate change exists? That we should do stuff about it? That we should protect the world? That the world leaders aren’t doing it fully? What is she doing wrong? What is the problem with acknowledging a problem that exists and providing a viable solution to said problem? I don’t get it.

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