• It's gone on longer than it should have.

    The show has been on the air since 2005. How much more material could they possibly have before they have to start reusing ideas or taking them from other shows that are no longer around? They should make a graceful exit before the ratings drop to dramatically. It is time for something new for all the actors.

  • Greys Anatomy jumped the shark when McDreamy died.

    This show has been in decline for a number of years; the time for a graceful exit has long since passed. Killing off Merideth's true love, her one happiness, after all she's suffered, was the final straw. There is such a thing as "too much drama" in a drama series, and this show has exceeded that point.

  • Yes, for too long.

    I cant even remember the first time I started watching Grey's Anatomy, it was a long time ago and i was too young to understand why they would bring such program instead of carton or Tazan. So, I think its time rolled out winding series not unless they want to beat The Bold and The Beautiful as the longest running show.

  • I agree that Grey's Anatomy has run too long.

    When the cast of a television series becomes unrecognizable in some cases from the original, this in my opinion is an indication that the show has been on the air for too long. Grey's Anatomy appears to have fit this bill. Other incidents of this was with the episode ER and Chicago Hope, where the original cast was all but extinct.

  • Grey's Anatomy has passed its prime

    The Grey's Anatomy television show has run too long. The show, which was entertaining its first few seasons as it dealt with the characters lives, has become overly dramatic and lost all sense of reality. Characters are killed off with regularity. This has made the show uninteresting to watch. It is hard to sympathize or care about the new characters.

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