Ground zero mosque: Are intentions of mosque developers pure?

  • Yes. True Muslims are fine people.

    I can not know for sure, of course, but it seems as if those who would like to build the mosque near the Ground Zero site mean well. Or at least they very well could mean well. They are only talking about an education center and house of worship. Extremists are terrorists in any religion or culture.

  • I would hope NOT

    I do not believe the intentions of mosque developers could be unsure, but I guess - you never know. However, I find it very difficult to believe they could have bad intentions, when they are only developing a mosque in order to have the ability to worship and continue their particular religious beliefs.

  • No there doing it to make people mad

    The developers of the mosque know that it is near a spot where the worst terrorist attack of all time was committed by Muslims. They are doing this just to make the american people mad and are passing it off as a freedom of religion or freedom of speech crap.

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