Ground zero mosque: Is the Islamic faith peaceful (yes), or complicit in 9/11 (no)?

  • Yes it is peaceful.

    There are many misconceptions about the Islamic faith and being violent is one of them. In general, Muslims are very peaceful. Of course there are extremists, but this can happen in any religion and has in the past. The Islamic faith just gets a lot of attention because some of their extreme members have been involved in terrorism.

  • The Islamic faith is peaceful.

    In the same sense that all Jewish people do not claim responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ, the entire Islamic population should not be stigmatized for the actions of select individuals. The perpetrators of the events that occurred on 9/11 acted individually in the name of their faith; it was not their faith that explicitly directed their actions.

  • Islam IS violent

    Simply , using evidence obtained from the Qu'ran , it mandates the killing of the "unbelievers" , also stated are the facts that while a Muslim man may only have up to 4 wives, he may have a unlimited number of s** slaves and concubines , for these facts and islamic rules search Quran hate speech , another good website is "the religion of peace", using unbiast in depth analysis they explain how islam is not the religion of peace it has masqueraded as for years .

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