Group of Akron men beat whites while shouting "Black Lives Matter": Does the Black Lives Matter movement have strong enough leadership?

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter campaign has a strong leadership.

    The men charged in this beating case were not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement; therefore, the Black Lives Matter leadership has no responsibility in terms of instigating this incident. The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement does not condone violence perpetrated on innocent people, such as the white men who were beaten in this case.

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter group needs stronger leadership.

    While this subject has been controversial since the beginning, I have always supported the movement. It stands for something important, however, they've shown time and time again that they are just as much a hate group as the next. They need a strong leader. They need someone that will take them out of this white hating mess they've become. They're destructive and full of hate, just like the people they oppose. I don't know the full story, but beating someone while shouting the name of their group? That's unacceptable. They need a leader to get them back on track.

  • No, they are a group of headless terrorist chickens...

    ...Running around crying victim whilst getting away with promoting and executing terrorist acts.

    Black LIES matter is packed with people who push aside the REAL victims of racism because they are not black. And these members also are very racist themselves. So no they don't care about racism either.

    Shooting and stabbing people and police, calling for anyone who isn't black to be killed, destructing public and private property etc.

    There are thousands and thousands of people who use BLM to get away with illegal activities and think they can get special privilege.

    "Oh but they aren't really BLM members".
    Says who? They said they are themselves?
    But let's say they for some reason aren't. Why aren't the "real" black lives matter people telling them to stop? I hear nothing of that.

    End of the day. They are terrorist scum who play the victim card in order to break the law.

    There are plenty of intelegent and realistic black people who know BLM is bullshit. And BLM members attack them too. "Uncle Tom" "sell out" etc.

    If they really wanted to fix a problem, they would calm down and look at the whole thing realistically rather than saying "oh racism! Ignore statistics and facts! It's racism!"

  • Black Lives Matter is a Leaderless Movement

    BLM lacks any centralized leadership, and this is evidence when supposed members of the movement act irresponsibly without repercussion. BLM as a movement is struggling because of the actions of a few, and this is because there is no strong leadership to condemn them. BLM would be better off with stronger leadership.

  • The Black Lives Matter movement does not have capable leadership.

    The Black Lives Matter movement needs to find leaders that will direct the movement on a more positive path. Yes, black lives matter, but when large populations of the movement are beating up white people to prove their point, it shows that there is not strong, capable leaders in charge.

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Dilara says2016-08-24T04:29:37.493
They have bad tactics that their leaders condone.