Growth of town population is harmful, because it creates economics and social peoblems.

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  • Urbanization brings deletrious effects such as unemployment, growth of crime rate, pollution

    The growth of urban areas is harmful, because it brings unemployment and health, crime, poorness problems . In one only China , 18-20 million people leave their villages for moving to cities over year. As stated by Premier of the State Council (China) , the chinese economy have to incrise 7.2% in every year to avoiding from unemployment rising.

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  • Prefer Small Towns

    Generally, small rural towns are comprised of similarly minded individuals. For example, I live in a town of 2200 residents. The great vast majority have similar ethnic and religious backgrounds, and fairly identical income brackets. Nearly all of us have a similar mentality- rugged individuality.

    IMHO the problems arise when you have VASTLY different peoples crammed into close quarters being forced to be "tolerant" of one another against their deep seated will. It leads to nothing but resentment and prejudice.

  • Bloated Bureaucracy is to blame for socio-economic problems.

    The growth of government causes social and economic problems. Governments proper role is to protect citizens from violence and theft from enemies foreign and domestic. Instead we use government as a thief and we allow different special interest groups to manipulate legislators so that they can get their specific regulations that help them. These regulations make it hard for people to stay in business and this in turn causes employers to go out of business. Employment is a supply and demand thing, and so are labour wages. If there are less employers and still the same amount of employees looking for work, tell me what happens to employment rates and wages? Both get worse.

    Urbanization only increases economic activity because so many more transactions can be made in such a short period of time.

    The yes side in this debate is chock full of fallacy.

  • Urbanization is not harmful, Mismanagement is harmful

    With proper policies urbanization can be beneficial. If buildings are abandoned for too long tear them down. Allow people whose property grows in value to keep the taxes they had before to prevent gentrification from pushing the poor out, then instead it would help bring the poor up. Keep an eye on the relations between landlords and tenants.

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