GSP (yes) vs. Johnny Hendricks (no): who will win?

Asked by: muslimnomore
  • Yes, GSP has better technique.

    Yes, GSP will win, because his techniques are better. Johnny Hendricks is a strong fighter, and he has a lot of rage, but nothing can compare the GSP's training. When it comes down to it, training and technique wins fights, anger doesn't. GSP is better at channeling his training into being a competent fighter. He will win in the end.

  • With GSP gone, Hendricks is heir apparent

    Since GSP walked away from the UFC arena and marketplace he may be in our hearts, but will not be on the charts. Hendricks will most likely be considered the "champ in waiting" until the next match in March of 2014. Since the title is vacant, Hendricks will still have his hands full with whoever his next opponent is but, it won't be GSP.

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