Guantanamo Bay detention center: Are Guantanamo courts necessary to preserve classified information?

  • Public Courts Are Rabid Sharers of Information

    Public courts mean there is a public record. There chances that classified information would fall into the wrong hands and be shared. Although nothing is guaranteed. While trying the detainees in public courts would satisfy some of the unending questions, I believe there is a need to keep some of this information from getting into the realm of public information.

  • It's a violation of due process

    America is a country of laws, and a country of rights. If we are going to hold enemy combatants in American detention camps as prisoners of war, it is in our best interests to extend them the same rights we would any other accused person in our legal system, including regular courts without classified information. Remember, the war on terrorism is as much about propaganda as it is conventional warfare. We need to show we're better.

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