Guantanamo Bay detention center: Can tortured detainees only be tried in Guantanamo?

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  • Tortured detainees should not be tried in Guantanamo.

    Tortured detainees should not be tried in Guantanamo bay. They should be tried within the country of whom they were imprisoned for. For instance, it well known that Guantanamo prison is inherently an American establishment; it resides outside of our country so that our countries laws do not apply to their prison practices. However, they are prisoners of our country and as such should be tried within our borders as well.

  • Existing US Law is Sufficient to Prosecute Detainees

    Existing US law is sufficient for the prosecution of detainees. Terrorism, and other forms of political violence have long been illegal and had strict punishment in the United States, and prosecutors attempting to try guilty individuals are at no disadvantage on US soil. The true reason many insist on holding trials in Guantanamo is that many of the individuals incarcerated there are either innocent, or have been detained illegally, or both, and giving these individuals fair trials on US soil may reveal that. This would be both embarrassing and damaging for the individuals in government and the military who have been involved in the establishment of Guantamo Bay.

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