Guantanamo Bay detention center: Does Guantanamo aid America's war on terror?

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  • Makes us the enemy

    The very existence of Guantanamo Bay proves to terrorists that we are exactly who they say we are. By participating in extraordinary rendition, black ops, and torture, we look exactly like the imperialist thugs that get terrorists to recruit more people into their cells to fight against us. Until we start acting like human beings, we can expect nothing but hatred in return.

  • Guantanamo does not aid

    Guantanamo does not aid America's war on terror. By using fear tactics utilized in Guantanamo, such as torture, America represents itself as a instigator of terror. Terror is the result of Guantanamo, and torture does not seem like a good means for defense. The money spent in this place would best be spent elsewhere that represents America's values for justice.

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