Guantanamo Bay detention center: Does Guantanamo's existence aid US international relations?

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  • No it may work it worse

    The Guantanamo Bay detention center may not aid for the United States of America at all. The reason for this is because many in the international community across the world have very negative views about the center and the purpose of it. Additionally, the tactics that are used have become in question.

  • Too many memories

    The very existence of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is an affront to all who value human rights. Even if all of its early abuses have been corrected, to keep it open is akin to calling a new hurricane Katrina--the associations are too powerful for the new storm to be believable. In addition, the revelation of America's spying on our own citizens has very much reduced our credibility, so I cannot imagine anyone accepting our assurances that abuses had been corrected. We must close Guantanamo as a symbol of our past abuses of human rights there.

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