Guantanamo Bay detention center: Is torture occurring in Guantanamo?

  • Torture is occuring in Guantanamo Bay detention center.

    Torture is occurring in Guantanamo Bay detention center. In the Guantanamo Bay detention center, over the past six years, several human rights abuses have been observed. Guantanamo Bay is essentially a detention center for suspected terrorists and those who are considered enemies of the US. The United States has been using ‘interrogation techniques’ on the prisoners that resemble torture.

  • It's a chamber of horrors.

    From what we know about the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, torture both physical and mental is happening there. Several of the inmates or detainees or whatever you wanna call them have comitted suicide while there, thanks to the treatment they received at the hands of their American captors.

  • Torture Likely in Guantanamo

    Unfortunately, torture techniques are likely being used at the Guantanamo Bay detention center. Prisoners have complained to their lawyers about the techniques being used there. All signs point toward torture techniques like waterboarding being used against these detainees. Of course, such activities need to stop immediately because they're unethical and wrong.

  • I think so.

    I believe that there is torture going on in Guantanamo. There is evidence that doctors had hid signs of torture as well. If there weren't these types of things going on in Guantanamo, then I don't believe that President Obama would have campaigned on vowing to close it down when he got into office. (Something that was still not achieved.)

  • Torture is the law there

    Despite promises to the contrary, Guantanamo Bay's detention center has in the past and has continued to accept torture as a valid interrogation method. Upon accepting office, President Obama promised to shut down the prison, but to date, halfway through his second term, he has renegged on this promise and Guantanamo continues to function as it did in the past - a large-scale torture chamber.

  • Torture was going on and might still be

    To my knowledge coming form various media sources torture was happening in Guantanamo Bay during the early 2000's. The truth of the fact is that I have never been there to see it with my own eyes, however sufficient sources of media - images, videos, drawings and writing came out and circulated the modern media channels and reached many people. This was a proof of the intense torture happening in Guantanamo Bay.

  • A Tremendous Embarrassment

    Yes. If its illegal to perform on American citizens on American soil, it shouldn't be done elsewhere. I don't have the nihilistic "might makes right" and "ends justify the means" mindset so popular in media today. I've seen what hellholes nations that have no respect for human rights and the rule of law have become as a result of their policies. I care deeply about America maintaining its high moral ground. I'm not willing to let our country play bad cop to the world and just pretend that it was fine because it was just a little water up the nose.

  • I don't think that the interrogation at Gitmo is severe enough to be called torture

    When they torture people in Iraq, they dress them naked, tie them up, and beat them severely with nightsticks. This is commonplace. Hardly compares to being stripped naked in Gitmo and being shouted at.
    Also in Iraq, is is common to use electric torture. We do nothing as bad as that.
    Do you agree?

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