Guest workers in the United States: Is a guest worker program sound in principal?

  • Guetst workers feel up gaps.

    Guest worker program have both up and down. Guest workers sometimes is beneficial to our country. Let say for example when there was computer and internet boom, there was lots things that country needed to adopt to, but at the same time we didn't have all the qualified workers. So i think it can be help full to us.

  • Guest Worker Program Hurts American Workers

    The guest worker program in the United States had added to the financial difficulties that is has gone through recently. With high unemployment numbers and a fairly low education standard, American companies have actively sought employees from other nations. Though this is sound in
    business, it is a variable that is multiplying the decadence and degrading economy. People who can’t work can’t afford training, people who have no training do not get hired – it is a vicious cycle.

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