Guest workers in the United States: Would a guest worker program be fair to guest workers?

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  • Guest Workers Should be Given Full Employment Rights

    I think that guest workers in the united states should be given the same employment opportunities as anyone else living in America. The concept of a guest worker program seems restrictive in principle. Although it may have its own unique abilities and availabilities, the program might not be sustainable to guest workers expenses.

  • Guest Worker Programs in the US Would Not be Fair to Guest Workers

    A guest worker program in the United States would not be fair to guest workers. Guest workers leave their families and go to another country to make money because their economy is so bad. Without proper regulations in place, guest workers could be badly mistreated or abused, lied to, controlled by one single employer, and debt. This is not fair to guest workers because they should be given all of the same rights that U.S. workers have.

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