• Most humane method

    The guillotine's considered one of the most humane methods of execution, therefore I think it preferable. Of course, it's somewhat gruesome, and I think a large part of the reason it's no longer in use is its messiness, but I don't really think these criteria are valid in determining the best way to end someone's life. Should we really subject humans to a more painful, prolonged death purely for aesthetic appeal?

  • That would be cool

    I think it would be very cool to be killed by guillotine. My dad agrees and he is the best dad in the whole world. Sources: My dad is an ex cop and now he is president. If you disagree, you are wrong and I am right, therefore I'm the winner.

  • That's a double-edged sword.

    From a suffering perspective, I would say yes. The guillotine would be effective in terminating certain persons quickly and without cruel and unusual suffering. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the actual death penalty. It’s definitely biblical to take life for certain crimes, but I'm leery of this severely imperfect justice system. Too many innocent people would be guillotined. Guaranteed.

  • Guillotines are cruel and outdated.

    The use of guillotines to execute people is not only cruel, but extremely outdated. Forms of execution like the electric chair and the guillotine are a thing of the past, and should stay that way. Bringing them back would give a terrible and very negative message to people around the world.

  • It is inhumane.

    There are laws that state that in some cases, men have to die for their crimes. But there are far more humane ways to put people to death than to use a guillotine. That is a manner of death that is for people's entertainment. There are other ways like lethal injection, that get the job done.

  • The guillotine should not be used for executions

    The guillotine is not an appropriate execution device in modern times. There are many means of execution that are more humane, less shocking, and frankly less messy than the guillotine. The death penalty should be administered in a humane fashion, and the guillotine is not in keeping with that requirement.

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