Guinness: Is the perfect pour important in enjoying Guinness correctly?

  • Yes, Guinness must be poured correctly to be properly enjoyed.

    Yes, a Guinness must be poured correctly to be fully enjoyed. A proper Guinness pour takes over two minutes and if done incorrectly you end up drinking mostly foam. The truest flavor over Guinness is only real eased if you take the time to pour it correctly. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.

  • It's the finishing touch

    Guinness is good in and of itself. However, it's got to look just write. When someone goes out to drink a Guinness, they don't just want alcohol. The want to have an experience. Guinness beer is artisan. It's important to present it in a glass looking just right. It's worth it to make the perfect pour.

  • The perfect pour makes the beer taste better.

    Maintaining optimal temperature and a slow, patient pour with a beer as particular as Guinness, ensures that the beer can be properly enjoyed. The pour is methodical so that the beer is aerated and the flavors are allowed to fully form upon the settling process. The perfect pour is also a time-honored tradition in Ireland and should be upheld to fully enjoy the beer.

  • The Perfect Pour is not Necessary

    By advertising the perfect pour for their beer, Guinness has gotten people to talk about their beverage. Is there a correct way to pour beer for optimal flavor? Absolutely. But to say a specific pour is necessary to enjoy a Guinness is a preposterous claim. Many people enjoy Guinness without the perfect pour.

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