Gun control: Are greater gun control measures important culturally and socially?

  • Are Guns Part of Our National Religion?

    Talk to someone on the far right about gun control and they become glassy-eyed like you had just attacked the divinity of Jesus. Somehow, gun ownership has morphed into some kind of religious observance among the ultras.

    Meanwhile we up to our knees in dead babies murdered by wackos with assault rifles they bought at a gun show with no accountability. And all we hear from the NRA is that freedom has its price.

    It's time to make gun owners, manufacturers and sellers fully accountable for their killing machines.

  • Yes, greater gun control measures are important culturally and socially.

    America likes guns. It's an obsession. It is an obsession to the point of insanity. The fact that people are that obsessed with guns is extremely dangerous. More gun control laws will make people feel a whole lot safer. Nobody wants a nut job to have a bunch of assault rifles. The nut jobs don't realize that they are in fact the nut job.

  • Yes, Greater Gun Control Measures are Important

    Guns should not be banned, because they can be used for protection in extreme cases, and if guns are taken away, what will be taken away next? However, it is important to take greater measures to control guns because they are weapons. It is important that if a person has a gun that they have the responsibility and the ability to handle the gun properly because if they don't, it can affect society.

  • Really more oversight by government!!

    I ha e the government telling me i cant water my lawn wash my car they even are punishing me for long showers. Now you ask about gun control... I say to hell with all these people and their idea's.
    Who the hell is asking anyways? Please fix the homeless and hungry children epedemic in the U.S. first.

  • 'murica doesn't need gun control

    'murica has the freedom and the right to have firearms and the right to arm bears. Society is lost without guns. It's not the gun that kills people. It's the people that kill people. The 2nd amendment says a well regulated militia and the right to arm bears and bears also deserve guns

  • Gun control hurts society, both culturally and socially

    There is a sense of freedom that is gained by owning a gun. A freedom which is often questioned in the face of senseless violence, but by the same token should be appreciated in the face of heroic, gun-wielding citizens, who stand up in the face of criminals and protect themselves and those around them. The relevance of gun ownership and freedom of the citizenry is second to none. If one cannot safely drive a car, then one should not have a license. Most people can be trusted to drive cars, and most people can be trusted to own guns. Where the police can't be, citizens with guns often can be, to combat crime. This is highly significant culturally and socially, as Americans without guns are defenseless. Greater gun controls are a threat to American values and security.

  • Gun Control is not Important for Culture and Social Life

    Greater gun control measures are not very important culturally and socially. Keeping guns out of people's hands do not make them any better culturally nor socially. Instead, teaching of gun safety, and proper use of a gun would be better. Guns serve an important part of this country's culture as the right to bear arms is even in our Constitution.

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