• Enforcing gun control laws.

    Gun control laws are totally enforceable, whenever the system chooses to actually enforce them. They don't enforce themselves, and criminals aren't going to play along because a law has been enacted...they're criminals. We don't need a single new law for gun control. We simply need the existing laws to be enforced against the criminals. New laws only punish law-abiding people and infringe upon their rights to be armed. Again, criminals haven't, don't and won't follow gun control laws (new or old) because...their criminals.

  • Gun Control Laws Enforceable

    While many gun control laws aren't recommended, they are completely enforceable more often than not. For instance, bans on certain types of weapons will result in arrests for people owning those weapons. Sales of those weapons can even be restricted. For that reason, enforcing many of these laws isn't that hard.

  • Yes if enforced equally

    Gun control restrictions work very well in other countries. Countries such as Japan have less than three murders by hand guns every year. This is in contrast to America's 45,000 every year. Having less guns on the street equal less gun violence. The first 5 years of gun control will definitely be very difficult.

  • Yes, With Sufficient Resources

    Gun control laws are enforceable, if governments allocate sufficient funds to enforce them. Like any other kind of law enforcement, it will never be done perfectly. But with funding, gun-control laws can be enforced like any other law. Of course, it is much easier to enforce a law if there is public support for the law, but there seems to be quite wide support for at least some gun control.

  • Gun control laws are not enforceable.

    Gun control laws are not enforceable. They are only enforceable to a point and it would be extremely expensive process to try to take guns from the American economy. Criminals that use these weapons in crimes do not worry about the laws that would prevent them from using them at all.

  • Gun Control Laws Are Unenforceable

    The problem with creating laws that are unenforceable is the fact that you can never really combat the problem, it just gets bigger when you fight it. This is generally the case with anything you attempt to prohibit that has many supporters. Since many people have high emotions regarding their rights of gun ownership, they will, if need be defy the law, to ensure their freedom. I believe this is normal and just. This unfortunately make gun control laws unenforceable.

  • Gun control laws are not enforceable.

    Although gun control laws are laudable in their intentions, they are unfortunately rarely enforceable. It is usually illegal to carry a gun outside of your own house without a permit, but it is very difficult to see who is concealing a gun. Also, there is a large black market for illegal guns that the police do not know how to stop.

  • To a certain extent gun laws are not enforceable

    No, I believe that gun laws can be attempted to be enforced and some may actually follow the rules, but others will find their way around. The number of murders with guns that are not legal is evidence in itself. A criminal is not going to make sure that weapon used is registered.

  • No, gun control laws an not enforceable.

    No, gun control laws an not enforceable. It is my belief that illegal guns would become even more widespread despite how I wish otherwise. Unfortunately people would still find ways to have their guns that they feel is their right to own despite their dangers to others. I think we need to limit guns being produced before trying to control the ones already manufactured.

  • Black market Guns

    There are those of us who are actually law-abiding American citizens who buy guns at licensed retailers, but criminals have lost the right to buy guns anyway. If they want guns, then they are going to the places where the law isn't regarded: the black market. Criminals can get almost anything on the black market, so why not guns? The Constitution gives us a right to bear arms. We do not have a right to let the police and the military bear arms and protect us. The Second Amendment protects everything else in the constitution.

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