Gun control: Does an individual NOT have a "right" to gun ownership?

  • The right to a gun can be lost.

    Like anything else in life, your rights are really just privileges of circumstance. If you were imprisoned for a crime than your right to own a gun is gone. Forever. Even after you get out you will not be able to posses a weapon. So the right to gun ownership can vanish, yes.

  • Yes, there is no right to own a gun.

    The founding fathers had in mind something different than people having guns in their homes or on their persons. They had just fought a revolution and knew that it was the right of a community to arm a militia when a bigger power from outside was invading. That does not speak to purely individual rights.

  • They unfortunately do

    I am in complete support of stricter gun control, but as it is written now, people have a right to own them. This is based off of an amendment that is completely out of touch with today's world, but pointed to in defense by gun advocates because so are they. People SHOULDN'T have a right to gun ownership, but the question is asking if they do or do not have it, and they do.

  • A law abiding person does have a right.

    As per the Constitution of the United States of America a citizen does have a right to own a gun. Some people interpret this differently but I think that our forefathers meant that individuals can own guns. I think that as long as the person is law abiding and passes a background check they should, and do, have that right.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe people have the right to own firearms and I believe we should uphold that freedom. I would not want to be part of stricter gun laws, because it will only make the black market grown. If the black market grows, more and more people will have undocumented weapons.

  • Individuals have the right to own a gun.

    Individuals in this country have the right to bear arms. It's in our Constitution. We have the freedom to own guns if we want to. A person has the right to feel safe and protect themselves. I believe if every person owned a gun to protect themselves, their home and families, the violent crime rate will be lower.

  • All rights should be given

    Every American has the right to own whatever and how many guns they want. Now if they commit crimes or misuse this right then they should have this right taken away or amended depending on severity and certain situations. Until a person gives the government a reason to take away their rights then they should always have the right to a gun.

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