Gun control: Self-defense - Is self-defense a good reason for gun ownership?

  • Guns are Important to Self-Defence

    Many people argue that if there were no guns, you wouldn't need a gun for self defense. But I disagree. If guns are illegal, a criminal who wants a gun will get one somehow. Banning guns will only make them more desirable and more dangerous (in the hands of a criminal)

  • To help to fight back and last but not least to to be sure you have your protective back up gun

    Because you need to help others in case you are in a violence gun shooting time, and when you want to use a gun to shoot or to scare then away ....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Guns prevent hundreds of thousands of crimes a year.

    The cdc found that guns prevent close to 1 million crimes including 200,000 rapes a year and save 400,000 lives. Criminals will get them anyways and use them against the disarmed good guys. If you think guns should be banned imagine your self in your bed at night when you hear someone break in. You can call the cops of course but they'll get there in a matter of minutes. When seconds matter the police are minutes away.

  • Guns aren't hard to learn to use.

    We trust most people with a pulse and at least one functioning eye to operate motor vehicles under stress (most cars have WAY more controls, pedals, buttons, and levers to operate than a firearm does.)
    To claim that only cops and soldiers (who aren't supermen, by the way) can learn to handle a firearm under stress is just... Stupid.

  • Guns for protecting the person and home.

    Let's start with an experiment. Close your eyes and walk around your home. Time how long it takes you to go from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room. Keep track of this time and how many times you bumped into an object. Now go to someone Else's house (roughly same square footage.) and do the same thing there. Go ahead, I'll wait.

    Welcome back. How did it go? You say it was easier to walk around your own house? So why wouldn't this hold true for a criminal? You hold the "home field advantage." Now let's say this hypothetical criminal happened to look in your window one day. Maybe it's your new flat screen TV, Maybe your great grandmas gold necklace on the shelf, or maybe he sees your amazing home decorating skills and just assumes you have valuables, but he decides he is going to rob this house. He goes around back, draws the pistol he bought in a back alley and forces open the door.
    That man has just entered a very scary place. He doesn't know if you are a legal gun owner. He doesn't know that after seeing him come in you ran upstairs and racked a round into your old beat up 12 gauge. He doesn't know that the third step up creaks, he doesn't know that the hardwood floors groan if he steps in a certain spot.
    I've heard the argument about panic fire. Yes, this is a factor, but anyone who calls it the deciding factor is simply ignorant. Say you haven't shot that shotgun more than once in your life. Because you are panicking your breathing far too loud. He has found you.
    In a flash it happens! He raises his pistol, aims and squeezes the trigger. Fueled by sheer terror you turn and pull hard on your own trigger. Pellets splatter his arm and he falls. You wait for the pain, but in never comes. Confused, you look around and notice a hole in the wall just by your head. What happened? Why did he miss? He had the jump on you!
    Easy answer, my friend. He Was a victim of Panic Fire. 90% of the time in a high stress situation the first shot misses. You got lucky.
    Now replay that same scenario, but imagine yourself without that old shotgun. He missed that first shot, but would have had time to fire a second.
    Bottom line, a gun is a viable option for self or home defense. Allow yourself to find research that is not biased (by either side. No anti or pro gun rhetoric). Most cities have a place you can go to ask questions about the particulars of different weapons and situations. Maybe even take a class is high stress shooting to better understand. Even if you do not, have not and never will own a fire arm the knowledge itself is a great tool for defense.
    Thank you for following me on this adventure

  • Self defense is the best reason for gun ownership.

    Self defense is the best reason for gun ownership. I would rather someone have a gun for self defense purposes than to go out and rob a bank. If someone is properly trained in gun safety and is not a criminal, there is no reason they should not be allowed to own a gun.

  • You shouldn't need a gun in self defense if nobody else owns a gun in the first place.

    Honestly, there is no reason for the average citizen to have guns other than paranoia. If guns were only allowed for hunting or warfare, then we wouldn't need guns in self defense because nobody would own them in the first place. We should only let guns in designated places like hunting grounds, and keep gun laws strictly enforced.

  • No, there are other ways to defend oneself.

    Self defense does mean that one can try to use whatever is at one's disposal if there is an altercation or a break in. However, most people would not outsmart a criminal by having a gun in the house or on his or her person. So it does not seem as if this would be a good protector and could be used against the victim.

  • No, hardly anyone is qualified to use a gun in self-defense.

    Gun advocates say that an important reason for owning a gun is self-defense. I strongly disagree. Most average citizens, even those with a few hours of gun safety education, are not capable of facing a life-threatening situation with calm. However skilled we are on the target range, when the situation gets real, so many of us can't think straight which means we can't shoot straight. All that we've done by introducing a gun into a dangerous situation is to make it more volatile.

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