Gun control: Should it be illegal for citizens to conceal weapons?

  • Family in key.

    You need to protect your family i mean like i agree with having it and not taking it out and like showing it off and stuff but like if your doing that you don't need a gun. I say yes for protection and no for just having in to look cool.

  • It's best we know

    I've never understood conceal to carry laws. If you are not aware a person has a gun, then what's the point? People should in fact NOT conceal their weapons, so we know whether there is an imminent danger or threat, or whether there's some paranoid guy walking around with his gun in a store or restaurant.

  • I love my family...

    Because I love my family, I am willing to destroy anyone who I see as a threat to their saftey .
    This is what people who truly love are willing to do.
    Those who hold the opinion that we should be restricted in defending ourselves or those we love have little understand con wrong reality.
    There are bad people out there who would love to hurt you, go ahead: be unarmed... It's your right to do so.
    You might reconsider your position on the issue should you be faced with watching your loved ones being raped, tortured or otherwise hurt...
    I refuse to allow that to haplen.

  • That is a stupid idea.

    In England where conceal and carry is banned you have 3.5 times more violent crime than here in the U.S (British home office, fbi uniform crime report). Rape is 125% higher in the U.K and assault is 133% higher in the U.K. A women can't pull out a gun to stop a rapist like she can hear. It's kind of a sad day for her as she's not allowed to defend her self against someone who is much taller and stronger. In American cities like Chicago and D.C where gun control is very strict there is lots of gun crime as well as other types of crime. In Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or other American cities with conceal and carry crime is much lower. Criminals are less likely to attack someone they think could be armed. If they know a potential victim is not armed because they're in a gun free zone than they're more likely to assault them.

  • It could cause an uproar

    I have a lot of people close to me who love guns in general. Whether it'd be collecting them or simply shooting them in their backyards. The idea of having these guns taken from them, especially since they spent their hard earned money of them, could cause a serious uproar.

  • Citizens Should Be Able To Concel Weapons

    I believe it is dangerous for no one to have concealed weapons. Concealed weapons are handy and great to have. For criminals, who don't follow the rules anyway, it leaves a question as to whether they will be the only one that has a gun, when say robbing someone or a business. We should not make it illegal to carry concealed weapons.

  • Concelaed Weapons Can't be Illegal

    Citizens are allowed to carry weapons concealed on their person in various states. These types of laws usually related to firearms. With that in mind, the act of concealing weapons shouldn't be made illegal in currently legal areas. Ordinary, law-abiding citizens conceal weapons without causing any problems during their lives.

  • No it should not.

    I think having a conealed weapon is more dangerous than having a non concealed weapon. Having it concealed makes it harder to tell if the person intends to do something damaging with that weapon, and leaves people vulnerable to it. Making it so it can not be concealed allows people to avoid the weapon.

  • No, a citizen has a right to self defense.

    Being allowed to carry firearms, with the right legal aspects, gives the average citizen an option to defend themselves or others. In a violent situation, it takes time for emergency teams to respond, but only seconds for an armed citizen to respond to an attacker or robber or any other violent criminal.

  • Crime goes down when citizens carry guns

    Citizens should be allowed to carry concealed weapons as long as they are law abiding citizens who are knowledgeable about how a gun operates. With proper training, it is perfectly safe for ordinary citizens to carry a gun. If I were going to commit a crime I would be a lot less likely to proceed if I did not know which people were carrying guns.

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Dilara says2015-02-09T23:11:21.673
Why are people voting yes? In America cities with conceal and carry have less crime than cities with out. Those are fbi and doj stats. Do you want all of America to be like Chicago.