Gun Control: Tighten regulations to reduce gun-related violence?

Asked by: Mr.Moves3
  • It has worked in other countries

    The USA have very free gun ownership laws and the homocide rate in that country is many, many, many times higher than in other developed countries.

    Guns may have been a nessesary for people when everyone was a farmer but there is not longer a good legitimate reason for citizens to carry guns.

  • Reduce the Amount

    Some people can by a considerable amount of guns. That is not necessary. It is okay to use guns, that is allowed, however we should not be able to buy a bolt load of guns. That is unnecessary. We do not need 5 of six guns just to defend oneself. I also propose that the type of guns too should be regulated. That means that we should only be able to buy handguns(hunter rifles are allowed), one person does not need to use a machine guns to simply defend oneself. Therefore we should regulated how much guns you can buy and what type of guns we should buy.

  • Yes we shoud

    People die because of guns there not adult toys we do not need to make the USA be like Texas lets all where guns and scare kids. We don't need to all be hero let the cops cache those criminals let them do there job. Even if you had the chase to kill the criminal would you be able to do it.

  • Not getting rid of guns just tightening regulations

    I understand that criminals will get the drugs and guns off of the black market. Not banding guns just fixing it so the guns do not end up in the hands of criminals or the mentally unstable! Perhaps not giving civilians the same weapons your military uses or finding a better way to test and keep the guns out of the mentally ill. A lot of shooting happens when guns get in the hands of someone who isn't stable enough to really know what they are doing is wrong!

  • Gun control works

    Australia in prime example of this. A formed British colony, settled by colonist from the same lands. Australia had guns for a long time, until the mid to late 1980s where gun control program came into effect. Through these changes Australia hasn't had a gun massacre in over 20 years compared to the average of 4 a year before the 1980s. And overall gun deaths are tiny compared to what in it used to be. If you want to know more watch the Daily show two part series on Australian gun control.

  • Well, as long as we're only tightening regulations.

    I don't think guns should be made illegal, because criminals will be the only ones with them if we do that. However, if the question is on the matter of making it harder to get a gun.. Then I'm all for it. More criminal background checks, less shady people owning guns, less crime.

  • Tighten up 100%

    Tightening regulations doesn't mean people aren't going to be allowed to have guns, If you are up to date on what they want to do you would know its not making guns illegal. Simply put more steps in the process to make sure who ever is buying a gun is mentally stable, Is of age, In depth background checks, Etc. . . There have been more then enough shootings something needs to be changed, Im more then willing to sacrifice my right to own a gun if it means no more people will die or even if our shootings and massacres dwindle.

  • It makes perfect sense after the loss the country has suffered

    Why does no one ever bring up the fact that this 2nd amendment was written in the 1700s and for well regulated militias, not for individual ownership with guns that don't take 10 minutes to reload like they used to? All of it is complete bull, take into account the context the constitution was written under. The main reason it hasn't worked is bc so far gun regulations have been racist, they target poverty filled areas with poc making the majority of the population.

  • You People Need to Read

    This is about tightening gun regulations, not banning guns altogether. Also, the second amendment has kind of been stretched at this point. It was supposed to be for if the government was abusive, people could stand up to it, but having dozens of rifles around the house doesn't really spread a positive message about our rights. Especially in a time of peace.

  • People will die without tight gun control

    Thirty people will be shot dead in America today. On average. It could be more. If it’s less, then more will die tomorrow. Or the next day. The United States’s gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other high-income countries. Americans are divided on whether the country’s gun deaths could be reduced through tougher laws on gun ownership. Liberals argue that legal restrictions on gun ownership could save lives. Conservatives say that tougher gun laws would do nothing to change the behaviour of violent criminals.

  • Makes no sense

    This argument is so stupid. First of all tightening it would take away our right to bear arms (the 2nd amendment). Even if guns are restricted the criminals will still find ways to get weapons because they obviously don't care about breaking the law because it's right in their name, "criminal".

  • I don't think that we should tighten gun regulations

    It don't matter who we give a gun to people will get hurt with them anyway. Its not fair to take away the rights of americans that treat and use the law correctly, against those who don't. If we tighten gun regulations more crime will happen, because a person could try to rib a bank with you in it. You go to reach for your gun and wait you cant have one so the chance you had to stop a criminal you can't.

  • Tightening gun laws leads to more violence

    I understand that many people are afraid of firearms, but banning them is not the answer. The fact of the matter is banning something does not make it inaccessible to criminals, but rather it makes it impossible for law abiding citizens to own them. You can take firearms and ammunition off the shelf but criminals will still be able to purchase them through the black market, and where there are less firearms for the average man to defend himself with, there will be more criminals lurking in the shadows looking to rob, sell illegal drugs, or simply murder some poor soul

  • Tighten Gun regulations dumb as hell

    People don't kill with just guns they kill them with knifes,shovels and a lot of other things. So we should all have a background check when go and buy knifes from a store. When we go and buy shovels we should do the same thing when we buy them and so on and so forth.

  • It obviously doesn't work. Hint - Chicago, D.C... Do I need to even say more.

    Chicago, D.C and New York have the strictest gun control laws in America and those cities are all filled with crime including gun crime. That's because only the criminals get guns because they break the law in order to get them. Law abiding people who don't break the laws to obtain guns are left unarmed and defenseless against the criminals who are armed with guns.

  • Don't Tighten Regulations

    I do not believe tightening gun regulations will reduce gun-related violence. There is a demand for firearms and that demand will always be there, it will not go away because you make it more difficult to buy a gun in a proper manner. When you restrict the lawful ways to purchase firearms you are simply allowing the black market for guns to prosper.

  • No, gun control is not about guns but is about control.

    Gun related violence in the USA is NOT INCREASING. It is decreasing every year while the number of legal firearms in this country are increasing. Mass shootings have always happened and always will happen and ARE NOT INCREASING in frequency, only the frantic reporting of them by the liberal media is who strangely support gun control (conflict of interest?). The threat of deadly force from an unknown person or location is a DETERRENT to criminals. It is insanity to remove the threat of deadly force by creating a gun free zone or removing legally owned firearms. Gun control increases the control of the government on it's people. Gun control and gun free zones give criminals and murders the peace of mind knowing that nobody can shoot back. When is the last time you heard of an NRA meeting or a gun show or police station being shot up? NEVER, these shootings happen in GUN FREE ZONES. Want to end the shootings, allow civilians who are legally able and trained to carry a firearm and desire to protect themselves and others from murderers do so in all places and at all times. Less regulation, more armed good samaritans and less political left wing BS and false facts.

  • How would Gun Control help?

    How do criminals get drugs? They get them off a black market, usually through their friends. If guns were banned, it would create a black market for guns. The law-abiding citizens would not be able to get guns, yet the criminals that have access to illegal items would be able to obtain powerful guns and they would have an easier time in mass shooting or gang fights.

  • No tightened Gun Control

    The argument for tight regulations on guns are invalid. Criminals largely obtain guns illegally. Trying to restrict the purchase of firearms for law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves only limits their protection. Thats all I have to say on this subject of putting tighter regulation on gun control.

  • No Guns don't kill people

    The statement that the US government are making is that guns are the things that kill people and not the person who is operating it. Their logic can be applied to other things as well as 'pencils spell incorrectly' 'Spoons make people fat'. Anyone with an ounce of common knowledge will be perfectly aware that these are wrong and that the real reason is in fact that the person using these is making this happen, so if you think about it this way then the statement that the US government are making neither makes sense either.

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