Gun Rights: Has the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution become a suicide pact?

  • It's time for change

    We may never know what the founding fathers originally intended, but it is not what is going on in the United States now. We need reasonable gun laws, not many are suggesting we just simply take everyone's guns away. You want to hunt, hunt. You want personal protection, get a handgun. But take away the multiround guns and the ease with which people get them.

  • Crazy American's ...

    I have seen other debates about the rights of American's to arm themselves for protection and the main argument revolves around the ability of individuals to protect themselves. Problem is that this then makes it easy to obtain mass murder weapons so that a pissed off employee, a psycho student, a terrorist can get revenge in the worst way.

    I was shocked when i visited family in California and took a trip to Big 5 and found lethal weapons sold in boxes that looked like they were packaged in a toy store. Ridiculous, the US needs to take a real good look at itself and outlaw any automatic weapons they are not necessary for hunting. You hardly find any automatic weapons at all in the UK and so when shootings do happen invariably it is one person that has been shot, not dozens.

  • It's childish, petulant whining

    The Second Amendment is a prime example of the American attitude of freedom: not the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but the freedom to do anything, for any reason at any time. The American public's collective attitude towards gun control has become akin to a child refusing to go to bed, screaming "you can't make me!" In December 2012, a shooter murdered nearly 30 children in an elementary school and no change came as a result of it. The country silently decided that kindergarteners being murdered was a price worth paying to keep their murder toys.

  • No more like life support!

    Only because the 2A stands in the way of a tyrannical government and people-control activist does the Constitution still exist today.
    The only suicide pact is the minority of screaming gun-control activists that still cling to the idea that GZF sign will stop the next mass murder.
    More State's has passed more LAX gun laws then those States that intentionally infringe on the Rights of others.
    Today, Texans can Open Carry if they choose too. Florida in 2016 will likely have Open Carry. Today, 45 States has open carry laws!
    It seems Americans favor exercising their constitutional Rights then the minority rich and powerful screamers.

  • No it hasn't

    The second amendment exists for a reason and that shouldn't change. That being said, there are many ways to obey that right and be safer. We need stronger laws surrounding gun ownership. If you simply take away the right to bear arms, do you really think bad people won't get guns? There will always be a black market.

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